Thursday, September 22, 2005


Link Harvester
This badboy is my favorite back links tool. It will give you a good idea of exactly how many links you have (as indexed by Y! at least). It breaks them up into "C-block" addresses (unique ips from which sites are served), as well as populating a list of URLs where your link can be found. Also! Want to find some good sites with whom you can exchange links? Put in your competitor's URL and start linking!

Hub Finder
I'm not a big fan of this tool to be truthful, but supposedly it finds hubs. The thing is that about 90% of the time it populates with so called hubs like "" or "" or "" No kidding. So, I don't give it too much stock.

Overture Keyword Tool
This is an obvious one in every SEM's repertoire. A few things you may not know. The numbers it gives you, although only representative of Overture (yahoo, msn, and a few others I believe... until msn breaks off of yahoo at least), about 40% of the market, is actually higher than the actual number of searches for that particular keyword. Go figure. The reason for the discrepency is that the tool can't adjust for searches performed automatically by bots. So the numbers are inflated, but not much as far as the entire internet is concerned. They are a great estimate. There is a pay tool, Word-Tracker, which is very accurate.

SERPs Position Tracking
This is the best tool I was able to find for SERPs position tracking. There is another one at but you have to get a Yahoo and MSN API code to run your search for either of them, and that involves tagging apparently. This tool allows you to track all three without adding a bunch of code to your html. Now, I haven't found one of these that's 100% accurate with its results yet, but this one is very close.

AWS Stats Free Analytics Tool
This is a very unreliable tool. It is down constantly for me, but when it's up it is a good tool for seeing how much traffic you are getting, without paying the analytics companies.

Backlink Analyzer
I haven't used this tool as of yet because you have to download it, and my freakin IT guy won't give me administrator privledges. That last virus was NOT my fault! But, if it does what it says it can, this would be a very valuable tool to size up the competition as well as figure out where your own site stands. One problem that I have heard is that the tool takes a very long while comparatively speaking to do its professed job.

Keyword Density Analyzer
I don't remember exactly why this is my favorite keyword denisty analyzer, but I think it has something to do with actually giving you the percentage of the words on the page, and not just how many times each word is mentioned (which it also does). Its a great way to decide whether or not you're over optimized. Pretty much every other tool on this page is horse puckey though. That's right, I said it. Horse Puckey.

Double Trust
This is a cool tool, displaying a cross section between Google's SERPs and Yahoo's. It also tells you what the rank of each page is in the two search engines. It only goes up to about 40, but as far as cursory inspections of ranking goes, its a very good tool.

...Thats it for now. Perhaps next week I'll put up all of my favorite forums and SEM news sites.