Friday, January 13, 2006

How to get out of the Sandbox

This could be the most useful post that I ever write.

In 2005 you couldn't go to a forum or listen to a podcast without hearing something about this mythical Google Sandbox. Ontop of which, everone had their own opinion on it. There is no sandbox. There is a sandbox. The sandbox is only for competetive terms. The sandbox won't effective old sites. Blah blah frickin blah.

Well apparently, to all the people who said the sandbox didn't exist, there is a sandbox. If there wasn't a sanbox, there wouldn't be an effective way to get out of it. So there. Call it what you like. So click the title of this blog or the link above me and you will find the way to get out of the Google sandbox as of 1/13/2006.

This method will no doubt be made obsolete in a month or two. Maybe even in a week or two. Or hell, maybe it already is. But it's worth a shot.


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