Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Search Update January 2006

Here is a cool article to give you an idea about how SEO really is, and where it's going as of the new year. I'm sure these numbers will only inflate more. What will burst the bubble? Who knows, but while the internet probably will last forever, search may not. Here's the link to the article the State of Search

And here's a blurb.

Rashtchy is confident enough in his calculations to raise his one-year price target for Google's stock from $445 to $600, which would give Google a market cap of about $175 billion, making it eligible for a position in the top ten of the S&P 100, with approximately the same market capitalization as stalwarts Johnson & Johnson, AIG and Pfizer (though still worth less than Microsoft, at least at current prices.

Ideas on when the bubble will burst? I realize that the INTERNET will go on for a very long time, but will search?


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