Thursday, January 12, 2006

SEO Podcasts

Recently I got into SEO podcasts. I got into SEO podcasts because, I want to have my own SEO podcast. I want to be ridiculously awesome enough to hear my own voice on itunes. But I digress.

For those of you unaware of what podcasting actually is, download itunes and check it out. Podcasting is like radio blogging. And just like every jackass with an opinion has a blog, every jackass with an opinion can also have a radio show. But also like blogging, there are some genuinely good and educational programs out there - chock full of information - that you can listen to at work without your boss getting pissed. Oh, and they're free.

The SEO podcasts are great because they really keep you up to date on what the smart people are saying. Yes, I know. You thought you were getting all that by just reading my blog. Sadly, you were wrong. I know half of what these cats do, and that's a gross overestimate of my knowledge.

The two podcasts that I listen to are:
SEO rockstars
The Daily podcast

You can find both of them here or on itunes


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