Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Speaking of the Future of SEO

This article offers a cool perspective about the future of SEO, and its something that I'm facing down quite often myself. It is very difficult to get top rankings anymore for even three term keywords. Websites are optimizing more and more and more. Reciprocal links (largely the easiest way to build link popularity) have been grossly devalued by jagger (the name of Goggle's last algorithm update). Its becomeing very difficult for the little guys to find their way to the top. And so, with that in mind I have posted this article giving some insite on the future of SEO

Heres a blurb:

SEOs will need to take usability and conversions into consideration when coming up with your search engine marketing campaigns in the future, if they're not already doing this. Therefore, I see there being a much brighter future for those SEOs who are able to make the transition. Whether that means learning all that stuff themselves or partnering with those who do, it's gonna have to get done somehow. Since SEOs are generally the ones "fixing" broken sites, it makes sense for this to become part of their regular job description.


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