Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What Search Engines Want

In my expereince on the worldwide web, I have learned two things.

1. There is a dude that programs the algo-s
2. I'm not him.

However, I have taken away a few valuable observations as to how each of the three major search engines (google - yahoo - msn) rank pages differently. And I will break it down like Hammer now:

  • Loves links - just make sure they're not reciprocal.
  • Loves title tags
  • Actually... Loves all around optimization of a singular page.
  • Definet sandbox.
  • Up until July, these cats loved an optimized page. Now they only half love it.
  • Love anchor text - provided it is varied. Love it, love it love. it.
  • Still like an optimized page (good keyword density, good title tag that sort of thing)
  • Don't love pages with no links. In fact. They aren't very big fans.
  • Has the least amount of problems with dynamic pages.
  • Possible sandbox.
  • The spammer's dream.
  • LOVE an optimized site, meta tags, h1 tags, all that old-school stuff.
  • Enjoy links, but would rather return pages with the search term in the head.
  • Seems to index the quickest of all three.
  • NO sandbox.


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