Friday, January 13, 2006

The World's Most Not-Famous Celebrity!

I hereby declare Matt Cutts of Google the world's most not famous celebrity. No man or woman in the the history of civilization is more beloved and admired, and put on the world's highest pedestal by SEO people around the world than Matt Cutts. Think about it. Senor Cutts is the King of search. The King.

Well, he's not lying in bed next to me when I wake in the morning presenting me with a meatnormous sandwhich, but he is the king in his own rite.

Honestly though, the search engine industry is heirarchilly set up in such a way that Matt Cutts is the effective Feudal Lord, and everyone else - no matter how B+ list you may be - are all his lowly serf's.

However! Matt Cutts is not famous. In no way is he in the public eye. I mean, if you took a poll asking people of the United States who was more famous - James Lipton or Matt Cutts, I garauntee you James Lipton (inside the acotrs studio - B list celebrity AND professor) would take 85% of the poll. That is of course unless you also gave the option of neither. Now, give that same poll to SEOers and Matt Cutts is the most Famous person on earth, winning 98% of the vote.

The man is simply not famous. Infact, I even think more people would know the name of Bill S Preston Esq. from Bill and Ted's excellent adventure than would know Matt Cutts. It is insane. Absolutely insane.

This has been the worst blog entry ever.


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